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Wetlands & ecological models

Conceptual model: South Florida

Generic modeling framework

South Florida Landscape Conceptual Model

An integrated landscape perspective allows us to synthesize the principal aspects of this dynamic system. The interactions among the ecological processes modifies the landscape pattern, while there is a critical effect of this pattern on the nature of these ecosystem processes themselves.

Many research projects are conducted at relatively small scales in the laboratory or the "field". By formally aggregating and extrapolating some of these data, simulation modeling and other landscape-level analyses (such as those associated with the Everglades Landscape Model project) facilitate our understanding of the spatial and temporal interactions of this complex system.

As part of this procedure, mapping the vegetation and soils gives a spatial perspective on the landscape pattern. To understand temporal interactions, many research projects provide insights on the mechanisms underlying the rates of change in soils, habitats, animals, and landscape drivers such disturbances, hydrology, and water quality.

Simulation models allow us to further develop hypotheses on the landscape dynamics over long time scales, and can be used to make relative predictions of landscape responses at the appropriate temporal and spatial scales of interest.

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