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H. Carl Fitz

Landscape Ecologist and Modeler at EcoLandMod, Inc; Courtesy Assistant Professor, School of Geosciences, University of South Florida; Courtesy Research Associate, Southeast Environmental Research Center, Florida International University

Research & Applications: Landscape and ecosystem ecology, particularly in wetland and estuarine systems; modeling integrated physical, chemical, and biological interactions of landscape dynamics; integrating natural system restoration with the human dimensions.

Curriculum Vitae (June 2019, 229 kb pdf)
email: carlfitz3 at
mail: 1936 Harbortown Drive, Fort Pierce, FL 34946 USA

EcoLandMod mobile office!

Sailing Vessel Ephyra

Ephyra is a Seidlemann 37, being my home and the office for EcoLandMod, Inc - with plenty of OS X computing power (total of 4 Intel i7, and 2 Intel Core duo, processers, with high-speed internet access).

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