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Conceptual model: South Florida

Wetland ecological models

Generic modeling framework

Introduction to the Ecological Landscape Modeling Program

EcoLandMod Logo The goal of the Ecological Landscape Modeling Program is to develop and share a better understanding of the biological, chemical, and hydrologic interactions within and among ecosystems of a landscape mosaic.

With an emphasis on ecological structure and function at a variety of spatial and temporal scales, we develop landscape modeling tools to help improve our understanding of ecological dynamics - usually incorporating some component of the social drivers of the landscape dynamics, whether via water management rules or changes in land use policies..

In the field of ecology, models can help organize or synthesize our knowledge of the ecology of a system. This understanding may then be applied to evaluating the relative benefits among simulated scenarios of future change.

So - with this approach, much of our work is targeted towards integrating interdisciplinary sciences into the understanding, management, and restoration of ecosystems in landscapes.

Current focus: Wetlands, Everglades

For the past few decades, collaborations have resulted in a suite of Ecological Landscape Model applications that are being used in restoration planning for the Everglades region in south Florida, USA. The regional application of our Everglades Landscape Model (ELM) builds upon decades of research and monitoring data in the greater Everglades region, encompassing an area almost the size of the USA's state of Connecticut.

Much of the basis for the generic modeling framework, and its associated conceptual models and algorithms, are based on our experience in working in this diverse south Florida system that ranges from upland pine forests, to freshwater marshes, and to mangrove forests along the estuaries.

More Information

The various sections of this EcoLandMod web site provide a hierarchy of information on Ecological Landscape Modeling in the Everglades and beyond - from simple overviews to details of computer source code.

Be sure to view the Publications link in the main menu above, for manuscripts and reports on integrated Ecological Landscape Model development and application.

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