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Wetlands & ecological models

Conceptual model: South Florida

Generic modeling framework

South Florida Landscape Conceptual Model

The ecology of the Everglades should be considered in the broader context of the South Florida landscape. A simple conceptual model of the relationships among the natural system and the different components of south Florida is briefly demonstrated in our (click-able using a web browser) South Florida Landscape Conceptual Model.

Water managers in south Florida are responsible for balancing the various demands placed on our public water resources in order to achieve a sustainable and productive environment for humans and the natural system on which we all depend. Field/lab research and modeling can aid in understanding the dynamics of the Everglades system in response to current and future water management practices. The interactions among the four Conceptual Model components shown here drives the ecological and economic system of south Florida. Water management attempts to integrate our societal values with the resource demands of urban, agricultural, and natural components of the regional landscape.

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