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ELM In this hyperlinked (click on any white box) description of the algorithms and program control of the Everglades Landscape Model (ELM - see version note below), the vertical (e.g., evapotranspiration, plant growth) and horizontal (e.g., overland surface water flows, phosphorus transport) solutions in each module are shown graphically, along with text summaries and "pseudo-code" equations.

As shown in the below Main Controller diagram, the setup/initialization modules are first executed, followed by the 'call_cell_dyn' module which sequentially calls the dynamic computational modules (click to view the sequence of the dynamic modules).

Dynamic module interactions: Within a module, the variables that are external inputs into a module's algorithms are 'clickable' in order to view the module from which they are derived (calculated).

Module descriptions: In the text below each dynamic module diagram, the algorithms are described, including definitions of all of the variables and parameters used in the model algorithms.

Main Controller

Model version note: The above v2.8.6 algorithms do not include some additional water management algorithms that we added for an ELM v2.8.1 application (to Water Conservation Area 1); please see the Publications page for the current model documentation reports.

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