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Truly comprehensive, hyper-linked documentation of all of the Everglades Landscape Model (ELM) 'C language' source code, with detailed definitions of all of the functions, data structures, variables & parameters (including units), etc. found in all source code files of the ELM project. This was automagically generated by the Open Source program Doxygen, using special tags that we put throughout each source code file.

While the target audience for this code documentation is model developers, its ease of navigation (user-friendliness) is useful to others in exploring details of scientific algorithms; i.e., if some specific answer is needed regarding "how does the model do that process?".

ELM v2.8.4 (current public release) source code documentation: click on the ELM-Doxygen logos below:

ELM  Doxygen

(Developers: The download of the model source code&data also contains this complete html documentation, for browsing the documentation without internet access to this web site).

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