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Scope of Projects

Everglades regional: Sulfer & MeHg

Everglades subregional: WCA2A Wading Bird Suitability

Florida Coastal Everglades LTER

Everglades regional: SERES project

Spain Segura Basin: Ecological Economics

Everglades regional: CERP ASR

Everglades regional: CERP Decomp

Everglades WCA-1: unique restoration

Louisiana Davis Pond: restoration prototype

Everglades regional: cal/val (ELM v. 2.8)

Everglades regional: cal/val (ELM v. 2.5)

Louisiana: Davis Pond, Louisiana, USA

Collaborating with Dr. Carl Cerco of the Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC), US Army Corps of Engineers, we developed an initial model application (v2.8.1 of EcoLandMod framework, 30 m grid resolution) for a freshwater marsh impoundment in southern Louisiana. The white paper produced at ERDC summarizes that initial development for the region which is depicted in the below figures.



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