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Scope of Projects

Everglades regional: Sulfer & MeHg

Everglades subregional: WCA2A Wading Bird Suitability

Florida Coastal Everglades LTER

Everglades regional: SERES project

Spain Segura Basin: Ecological Economics

Everglades regional: CERP ASR

Everglades regional: CERP Decomp

Everglades WCA-1: unique restoration

Louisiana Davis Pond: restoration prototype

Everglades regional: cal/val (ELM v. 2.8)

Everglades regional: cal/val (ELM v. 2.5)

Everglades regional: CERP Decompartmentalization Project

Primary conclusions from this completed project: water quality is not a constraint on the hydrologic restoration components of the CERP Decomp Phase 1 project.

The target audience for this page is the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan (CERP) "Water Conservation Area 3 Decompartmentalization & Sheet Flow Enhancement - Phase 1" (Decomp) Project Development Team (PDT), comprised of numerous technical staff representing Federal, Tribal, State and Local government agencies. Thus, we do not attempt to describe the goals of the Decomp Project itself, nor the many documents describing the work of the PDT towards the Decomp Project development. For such information on the Decomp Project itself, please see the above Decomp web page .

This page provides the PDT with results of their requests to provide ELM simulation results under the different Baseline and Alternative planning scenarios.

The Model Documentation report on the ELM v2.8.4 historical (calibration/validation) performance assessment (including data, code, model performance assessment, and user's guide) is found in the Publications link.

Note: That report is separate from the documentation of the ELM applications that supported analysis of Decomp restoration alternatives, which is the topic of this web page.

Here we document the assumptions and results of applying ELM v2.8.4 to aid in future project planning for the Decomp project, with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers providing funding support for the ELM applications and refinements.

Presentations to CERP Decomp Project Development Team/Subteams

pdf 10.2 mb - Fitz, H.C. June 20, 2011. Everglades Landscape Model: Initial Results for DECOMP PIR 1 Phase 1 Base Runs. 20-slide PowerPoint presentation, refers to "Performance Measures", which should read "Performance Indicators" for this project. Note that only limited examples of the model results are contained in the PowerPoint (pdf) file; group was shown multiple Performance Indicator graphics using other software, as noted in the presentation.

Documentation of ELM v2.8.4 Decomp Project results

Pending the development of a final report for the results from the Project, this section links to documentation of model assumptions, inputs, and outputs for Decomp Base and Alternative simulation runs.

The various Adobe Acrobat "pdf's", and associated text descriptions, will be integrated into an overall documentation report on the results of applying the ELM to the Decomp project. (See the WCA-1 project Final Report for an example from a previous ELM application).

Timeline of updates to this page.

  • Jan 30, 2012 -- Posted Model Documentation report for ELM v2.8.4, the version used in this CERP Decomp project (adds text and graphics to the 2009 documentation report on ELM v2.8.3)
  • Jan 6, 2012 -- Posted results for simulation of ALTH (Round 2, last Alternative for Decomp PIR 1), including final Performance Indicator Results summary table (for Bases and Alts A,B,G,C,E,F,H)
  • Sep 1, 2011 -- Posted new summary table that defines Performance Indicators, providing further information on their use and interpretation.
  • Aug 31, 2011 -- Posted new graphical representations of (Aug 9, 2011) Performance Indicator Results summary table (for Bases and Alts A,B,G,C,E,F)
  • Aug 9, 2011 -- Posted results for simulations of ALTC, ALTE, and ALTF, including supplemental output maps for all ALTs (A,B,G,C,E,F); added summary table that defines the Performance Indicators
  • Jul 27, 2011 -- Posted results for simulations of ALTA, ALTB, and ALTG
  • Jul 27, 2011 -- Posted new simulation runs for ECB and FWO (July 5 version of FWO did not include Tamiami Trail 1-mile bridge; for ECB and FWO, some minor water control structure flows used SFWMM output instead of RSM output; post-processing statistics treated "0.0000" as missing data - now zero is always treated as non-missing, zero values for all variables)
  • Jul 07, 2011 -- Added supplemental output variables (porewater P, Cl tracer, surface water depth & velocity) for regional domain (ECB, FWO baselines)
  • Jul 05, 2011 -- Posted baseline (ECB, FWO) ELM simulation results

    Page Contents - Major headings

  • SFWMM, RSM, and ELM simulations for Decomp PIR 1
  • Input data common to all Baseline and Alternative simulations
  • Input data specific to individual Baseline and Alternative simulations
  • Perfomance Indicators used to evaluate project simulations
  • Results: Baseline runs
  • Results: Alternative scenario runs   

    SFWMM, RSM, and ELM simulations for Decomp PIR 1

    Table of SFWMM, RSM, ELM simulation runs


    Input data common to all Baseline and Alternative simulations


    Input data specific to individual Baseline and Alternative simulations

    Note: Prior to development of a full documentation report for these ELM applications for the Decomp Project, please see the above "Summary table of input data for simulations" and the related water quality assumptions found in the basin-wide budget summary output tables in the "Results: Baseline runs" section below.

    For detailed hydrologic assumptions used by the RSM and SFWMM (whose managed water control structure flows drive these ELM simulations), please see the relevant documentation for the applications of those models (i.e., in the "CERPzone" repository).

    Water management infrastructure data


    Perfomance Indicators

    Performance Indicators are quantitative metrics used to make relative comparisons among baseline and alternative simulations. (The term Performance Measure is not used here, as the ELM simulations are currently being used primarily to evaluate any potential water quality constraints on the Decomp project planning).


    Results: Baseline runs

    As indicated above, the two future-baseline runs used for these evaluations are the Existing Condition Base (ECB) and the Future WithOut Project (FWO) Base.

    Differences between the two baseline runs can be found in marsh areas that are external to the sub-region that will be influenced by the Decomp project, due to the different regional hydrologic and nutrient assumptions associated with the two future baseline simulations.

    To help evaluate the potential water quality constraints on Decomp planning, in the "Results: Alternative scenario runs" section (below this section on Baseline results) we provide ELM-comparisons of the Decomp Planning Alternatives relative to the FWO baseline (and not the ECB) within the Decomp footprint/domain.

    However, in order to provide the Decomp PDT with a better understanding of the use of ELM in making relative comparisons, in this section we provide both a) regional and b) subregional (Decomp domain) comparisons between the two baseline runs, which have different hydrologic and water quality assumptions within the greater Everglades regional domain (e.g., P concentration in inflowing waters).

    Basin-wide budgets

    Regional Performance Indicators (only provided for baseline run comparisons)

    Regional Supplementary outputs (only provided for baseline run comparisons)

    Sub-regional, Decomp-domain Performance Indicators


    Results: Alternative scenario runs

    For evaluations of Decomp Project Alternatives, all Performance Indicator comparisions are made within the Decomp-domain (i.e., not Regional), making relative comparisons to the Future WithOut Project (FWO) Base.

    In addition to the formal Performance Indicator metrics, we provide Supplementary Output metrics within the Decomp-domain. These are additional ELM output variables, provided so that users may better understand/interpret some of the above Performance Indicator graphics. Included are difference-maps for

    Summary of Performance Indicator Results for the Bases and all Alternatives - as new Alternatives become available, results will be added.

    Summary graphic pdf 3.3 Mb, Jan 6, 2012 - ECB, FWO, ALTA, ALTB, ALTG, ALTC, ALTE, ALTF, ALTH: Summary graphic (area of marsh within the Decomp-domain) of the hydro-ecological (primarily water quality) Performance Indicator differences between FWO and ECB, and between each ALT simulation relative to the FWO base. (FYI, for the end-of-season TP concentrations in surface water: Dry season end is April, Wet season end is September; Example-Dry-Year is 1989, Example-Wet-Year is 1994, Example-Average-Year is 1978.)

    0.7 Mb xls file, Jan 6, 2012 - Excel (.xls) file containing the data table and graphics for above pdf file.

    Alternative A

    Alternative B

    Alternative G

    Alternative C

    Alternative E

    Alternative F

    Alternative H

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