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Scope of Projects

Everglades regional: Sulfer & MeHg

Everglades subregional: WCA2A Wading Bird Suitability

Florida Coastal Everglades LTER

Everglades regional: SERES project

Spain Segura Basin: Ecological Economics

Everglades regional: CERP ASR

Everglades regional: CERP Decomp

Everglades WCA-1: unique restoration

Louisiana Davis Pond: restoration prototype

Everglades regional: cal/val (ELM v. 2.8)

Everglades regional: cal/val (ELM v. 2.5)

Segura Basin, Spain - integrated Ecological-Economic application

Using the EcoLandMod framework, we are collaborating with researchers from the Spanish Observatory for Sustainability (see People page), Universidad de Murcia, and others to integrate social drivers (of land use change & irrigation practices) into simple modules of the ELM. The goals are to develop an application to evaluate the ecological sustainability associated with varying scenarios of changes in water and land use. For a recent volume on Biodiversity in Spain, we contributed analyses of habitat fragmentation (in Chapter 3) that has occurred in recent years, associated with changing land use from 1987 through 2006 (below figure).

Segura land cover

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